Who are the Royal Rangers?

The Royal Rangers (RR) are an international youth association that has reached over 2.5 million children and youth globally since its founding in the 1950s. The Royal Rangers ministry is shaped by two aspects: On the one hand the methods of boy/girl scouts and on the other hand the Christian call to missions.

Royal Rangers in Kabwe

In March of 2015, the first Royal Rangers troop was formed in Zambia under the leadership of Heike Klinger. The troop in the compound of Katondo has continually grown and today consists of four Ranger teams that regularly meet. Our goal is for our team leaders to support the children and teenagers in their development so that they can grow as individuals and in their relationship with God. Heike is supported by a few Zambian volunteers as well as the short-term volunteers Johanna Zechiel, Jakob Follmann, and Laura Klapper. The Royal Rangers ministry is not only about a meaningful activity during the children’s leisure time, but about sharing life and supporting each other. The weekly Ranger meetings consist of a fun combination of devotion times, team meetings, teachings, and dances. In early 2018 we had our very first Ranger Camp during which the entire troop took a trip to Livingstone for a few days in order to strengthen their community and dive deeper into their faith. Future camps are already in the making as well as the launch of a new troop in Waya.ith. Future camps are already in the making as well as the launch of a new troop in Waya.

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