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Workshop for coping with trauma

Categories: CCA Workshop

From 02.03-04.03.2020 a workshop for our social workers (CCA – Community Child Advisor) took place at Life Trust, where they should learn how to deal better with children affected by trauma. This was important to us, as our CCAs face these same problems in their daily work. In addition, the sponsored children should be given the best possible support, who are coming from difficult family relationships.

On the first day of the workshop, we first talked about the definition of the word trauma and then dealt with the types and symptoms of trauma. The second day of our workshop was about how to help the child cope best with the trauma. For this, we were presented with some methods, games and exercises that can be used for therapy in children. For example, we should knead what we are afraid of, present our family situation in one picture and practice active listening. We also got to know alternatives to reducing stress where nobody can be injured.

We found the workshop very interesting and enriching and hope that our CCAs can implement the new knowledge and thus support the children.

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