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Women’s Day

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On 8th of March, 2020 the “Women’s Day” was celebrated internationally. Here in Zambia the celebration took place on 9th of March, so that the holiday is not given away. We met as a group of women at 9 a.m. and soon afterwards the celebration of “Women’s Day” started with a march from the civic city to the stadium of Kabwe. Each group proudly held up their own banner and everyone was dressed in self-made Chitenge. In advance, every woman of the Life Trust team was given 4 meters of fabric, from which we had a piece of clothing sewn. The results were varied.

Once at the stadium, each group was announced individually, whereupon we sat on the lawn and the further program began. First the Zambian national anthem was played, in addition there was a typical Zambian dance and song. Then a show of women on horses and a play. When a mob of people poured into the square and more and more people from the audience joined in to a fight, you didn’t know if it was real or played. But when the military women then shot in the air with guns and were enthusiastically applauded, it became clear that someone in the play was probably being followed and then arrested. The event was concluded with different speeches, of which we didn’t understand much except the words “women’s rights” and “equality”.

At around 12 p.m., all Life Trust women went back to the office, where a set table and ready meal were already waiting for us. The men of the Life Trust team prepared everything while we were in the stadium. After eating together, we sang a few songs in Bemba and enjoyed the community until we finally said goodbye to each other.

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