Life Trust ist eine initiative des Mülheimer-Verbandes-Freikirchlicher-Evangelischer-Gemeinden

Life Trust is a ministry of the Mülheimer Verband of Free Church Protestant Congregations e.V. (MV) in Zambia. The MV consists of 43 local churches that are spread all over Germany and has about 4,600 adult members.

As a member of the Syndicate of Christian Churches in Germany (ACK) and of the Coalition of Protestant Free Churches (VeF).the MV is part of an ecumenical network of churches and free churches. With its mission ministry, the MV is a member of the Syndicate of Evangelical Missions (AEM).

Since late 1982, the MV has been ministering to Zambia (see History ), and in 1986 a partnership with the Zambian “Christian Community Church” (CCC) was formed. Twelve years later, on 16 July 1998, after clearance with the MV, Life Trust was founded. The Zambia Mission Commission (director: : Dieter Stiefelhagen  ), which is elected by the MV general meeting, is responsible for the MV’s department “Mission in Zambia” (administration of donations, human resources, collaboration with Life Trust).