vision and goals


  • The project Sustainable Missions is helping to face the increasing need of finances of Life Trust, the mission work of the Muelheimer Verband in Sambia, especially concerning the Aids- and orphans school project BOCCS out of Zambia.
  • With this work we contribute to financing the Life Trust concerns. We want to serve the orphans and needy in Zambia and to bring true hope for the future.

background: Reasons why we as a mission organization want to earn money through investing into Zambia.

Zambia might be a developing country compared to Germany. However, there is a lot of growth at different ends of the country: People of Zambia take responsibility, values are being created and people have more and more money available. This is true for the steadily growing middle class but not for the people Life Trust is committed to.

Through ‘Mehrwert’ we can earn money there, where it is available. Through the work of Life Trust this money flows to people who have not yet profited from the positive development in the country. Therefore, we are looking for donors who are investing in Zambia with us and through this a contribution to sustainably finance our mission work out of the country itself.



  • First of all we strive to generate 10 % of the Life Trust project costs out of Zambia
  • Furthermore, the local economy should profit through our investment. We want local people to receive high quality education to earn their living for them and their families.