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Trip to mulungushi dam

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On Friday, December 13th, the time had finally come, the students from the Jonathan Project and some Life Trust employees went on the long-awaited excursion to the Mulungushi Dam, a reservoir 60 km away from Kabwe. After a short prayer we set off to the dam. The path led us over a very long dirt road with lot of potholes. With a lot of good music and great atmosphere, however, the almost 3-hour drive quickly passed. The boat house, which we finally reached, was very lonely but beautifully situated with a pool, a fireplace, a lot of green space, a brilliant view of the reservoir and not to forget, richly covered mango trees. After we briefly familiarized ourselves with the location, we moved on to a few small team building games.

We all had a lot of fun, were allowed to laugh a lot and get to know each other better. Later we had some free time, where we played soccer, volleyball and also cooled ourselves off in the pool.

After a super delicious lunch and a short devotion from our social worker Joel, we started back home again. This was certainly a highlight of the day for everyone. With an even better mood than on our journey there.

We heard a lot of worship music from mobile speaker, later sang a cappella with two drums and a cajon and of course our loud voices. In summary, it was a very successful and blessed day which will be definitely continued.

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