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“The root and fruit of pride”

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“The root and fruit of pride” – that was the topic that accompanied us volunteers and the German employees of Life Trust during our two-day seminar. On Friday, January 31st, we started having coffee together in the morning and then drove towards the “Ibis Garden” for about an hour. This is a lodge with a pool, large garden, many houses and a small restaurant. Shortly after our arrival, we had a Worship session, before moving on to a team building game that was about finding a way together blindfolded. Not so easy, but actually possible with team work.

In the course of the following hours we had the opportunity to reflect on our personal growth, the relationship with God, the team and our general situation, alone and in gender-separated groups, over the past months. It personally helped me a lot to review the last half a year and for now to set challenges and goals for the second half.

After lunch together, we had a little free time, which we spent together with Viking chess and billiards. In addition to other team building activities and feedback rounds, the topic was also about why can self-proud causes problems in our personal growth. The different units have made us, as a team, a lot to think about and reflect on, because the effects of pride can have such a large and negative impact on our teamwork. Also, near the time we had to think about what we heard, we also had time for fellowship as a whole team, for example at our meals or at a Worship evening that we had as a group. I think we could all take a lot in this short but very intensive time and start the second half of our voluntary service with new motivations and energy.

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