Life Trust sponsorship

Life Trust sponsorships offer two possibilities to make an immediate difference in the life of a young person in Zambia.



Give a needy AIDS-orphan in Kabwe the chance for a better future.

Support promisingly school graduates in their course of education and characterize future leaders.

  • Like usually the child lives in the extended family in Zambia.
  • elementary and lower secondary school
  • lunch, medical help, food aid for families
  • perspective and true hope for life
  • Young people learn to stand on their own feet
  • higher secondary education, vocational college or university
  • individual support and challenge through a mentor
  • discipleship: foothold in life through a strengthend faith in Jesus Christ

two sponsorships – one goal:

“We want to empower young people and families to affect long-term transformation in their community and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ” – Life Trust Vision