The goal of our sponsorship program at Life Trust is to give AIDS orphans and other children in need in Kabwe the opportunity of a better future. You can help by sponsoring a child with a monthly donation of 40 Euros.

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Our sponsorship program consists of the following six areas:


Since the restructuring of early 2018 (see Restructering) Life Trust’s focus has shifted more and more towards the “Life Trust School Waya”, which is located in the Waya compound on the outskirts of Kabwe. Children have to pay tuition at all state-run public schools, which the families often cannot afford. This is why at Life Trust the children only pay a very low maintenance fee. This allows needy children, especially AIDS orphans, to go to school and at the same time receive the materials they need for learning. Through our sponsorship program children have the opportunity to go to our Life Trust school in Waya.


In Zambia, only few families face absolute malnutrition. However, a large part of the population, especially those living in the compounds, suffers from undernourishment. At home, many children only eat one actual meal per day — if at all. A child in the Life Trust sponsorship program receives a daily lunch at school, which, from Monday through Friday, consists of the Zambian staple Nshima (corn meal) as well as a side of vegetables and as often as possible also poultry or fish.


Not only the sponsored child benefits from the monthly rations, but also its entire family. These rations consist of corn meal and soap, which provide the essentials for their life. In order to receive their ration, the children must attend school regularly.


For Zambian families, every illness is a great burden, which they must carry on top of the already difficult life conditions. Often, the lack of financial means to be able to buy medication and the lack of hygiene make the healing process even more difficult. In the case of illness, a child in the sponsorship program receives medical care as well as the care of one of our social workers. This personal support often consists of us taking the child to the doctor or the local hospital and obtaining the necessary medication for them.

Individual care

Each of our sponsored children is individually cared for and supported by one of our social workers (Child & Community Advisor).

Most of all…

…we want to give “real” hope to the children and their families. We are not talking about a hope that is solely based on economic improvement. We rather hope that the families get to know Jesus Christ, follow Him, and that through following Him their lives are transformed from the ground up. When they love their neighbor and take on responsibility for themselves and others, it will have a positive impact on all of Kabwe.

You will receive…

  • a letter with the name and photo of your new sponsored child as well as some additional details about them (once you have registered for the sponsorship program).

  • an annual information letter with some current details about the development and living situation of your sponsored child.

  • current information via email or post several times a year regarding the Life Trust project.

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