Dan Musonda

Name: Dan Musonda

From: Zambia

Born: 1971

At Life Trust: since September 2001

While Life Trust has experienced a great deal of change in personnel and leadership over the past 18 years, there is one team member who has been working on the office property as well as at the schools for the entire time wherever needed. Dan Musonda, often simply called “Musonda”, has been part of many big and small changes at Life Trust over the years and has seen many volunteers come and go. And through that, more than any other of the Zambian staff, he learned much about German culture without having visited Germany, which changed in May of 2015 when he had the opportunity to experience Germany first hand on a trip with Sellina and Boniface as well as Marcus, Miriam and Joel Dieckmann. They attended and served at the MaiVestival, an MV conference, in Wirftal, Germany, and afterwards they traveled the country.

When Musonda started at Life Trust 18 years ago as the janitor/gardener he was in his early 30s, married for only a few years, and had two sons. Since then, he has added a few years to his age and a few children to his family. Since joining Life Trust, he has been involved in many areas of the ministry. His main job as janitor/gardener was mostly limited to the administrative building, the garden, and the apartments of the volunteers.

In the meantime, we have come to value Musonda also as a personal advisor with regards to Zambian societal and social structures as well as communication. This has fundamentally changed his job description. Today, Musonda works in the area of Community Development (for the surrounding areas of the BOCCS schools), he manages the school gardens, small projects and renovations, and works as an advisor and counselor.