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Being send as missionaries of the Velberter Mission e.V., Traugott and Kristina Hartmann moved to Zambia the 2nd February of 1970. With the vision of founding churches, supporting families and giving children education they began to work with different projects at several places. In 1982, the Mülheimer Verband (MV) started to support the couple financially and later, in 1986, in other matters as well.
In the same year another change took place: MV started to partner with the newly founded “Christian Fellowships in Zambia” (CFZ), that became “Christian Community Church” (CCC) in 1994. This partnership still exists today.
The foundation of the BOCCs-Schools in Kabwe were based on the collaboration of the CCCs and the missions-organization Life Trust. That’s why a big part of the BOCCS-School-staff just as teachers or cooks, are rooted in the CCCs. There is still a special connection between CCCs and Life Trust, even though Life Trust works together with other churches and Christian organizations as well.
Therefore, the MV campaigns for the CCCs beyond the borders of Kabwe. Up to the present day, the MV supports e.g. discipleship-centers and bible schools as well as certain churches or projects of the Zambian partner-churches.