Besides supporting the Life Trust School Waya, Life Trust also supports the 5 BOCCS schools in different compounds of Kabwe through a sponsoring program. AIDS orphans not only get the opportunity to go to school, but also receive additional meals, individual and medical care. However, it is our main goal for these children to get to know Jesus Christ, follow him and ultimately, based on the values their learn through their faith, positively transform Zambia.

The school “BOCCS Kabwe Main Learning Center” was founded in the year 2000 in the heart of the city. With approximately 35 teachers and 900 students in grades one through nine it is the largest BOCCS school.

The “Kabwe Main Learning Center” has a few things the smaller BOCCS schools on the outskirts of town do not have: a library, a computer room, and school garden tended by the students. The latest addition is a small kiosk where the students can buy candy and drinks.

Makululu is the second largest slum in all of southern Africa. In an environment like that, schools are particularly important and we are very grateful for our BOCCS school that is located there. Besides janitors and watchmen, the school employs eight teachers that are teaching about 400 students this year.

Due to the great number of school-aged, it has been impossible in the past to accommodate and teach all of them despite the employment of three lesson cycles. This is why we are glad and proud that, with some help especially by the German embassy in Lusaka, we were able to reconstruct and renovate the central building of the BOCCS school in Makululu in 2014 for many months to now have 4 classrooms. In December of 2014 we held a festive dedication ceremony with special guests of honor. Both teachers and students are very thankful for the additional room.

The BOCCS school in Kaputula is the furthest from the city’s center. Currently, more than 300 students of grades one through seven attend this school, each grade taught by one teacher. The lessons are taught in two cycles every day in order to be able to provide all classes with the same care. In addition to the teachers, the Kaputula school also employs a janitor and two watchmen.

The general school assembly (students, teachers, and staff) regularly meets outside in the tight spaces between the four buildings. Here, we make announcements, sing the national anthem, and pray. Next to the school building you find the school’s generous sports field where the students exercise and do sports .

Kawama is yet another slum in Kabwe. This is where the “BOCCS Kawama Learning Center” is located on a former fairground.

This school currently has eight teachers and about 300 students in two lesson cycles. The number of inquiries by families in need that would like to enroll their children at this school are high every year. Two watchmen and one janitor take care of the facilities. On Mondays and Fridays, we start the day with a general assembly for announcements, singing of the national anthem, and devotions.

In Katondo, the second largest slum in Kabwe, the BOCCS school, which was founded in the year 2000, offers an education for about 300 students in grades one through seven. Additionally, we just started offering pre-school classes this year. Seven teachers, a janitor, watchmen, and a courier work here. The school is located about three kilometers from the city’s center.

On the school grounds you can find a very frequently used soccer field where you can watch children play soccer with much enthusiasm any time of the day. Next to it is the assembly spot with the Zambian national flag. On Mondays and Fridays, all of the students and teachers meet here for announcements, singing of the national anthem, and prayer.