Life Trust School Waya


By providing specially needy children with good education we want to empower young people and their families to transform their environment in the Waya compound in the long term.

Our “Life Trust School Waya” provides about 340 children with an education. Besides the opportunity to go to school, AIDS orphans and other children in need, through sponsoring, receive additional meals, individual help from our social workers (Child & Community Advisers), and medical care. As a Christian school, we teach biblical values that foster self-dependent behavior within the Zambian context.


Teaching Christian values

Morning devotions and religious education are an inherent part of the curriculum. The teachers and staff convey Christian ideals to the children that they can follow.

Close collaboration of parents and staff

We believe that close contact and good communication between the teachers, social workers, and guardians is crucial. To promote this, for example, we instituted a teacher-parent-committee where issues and challenges are discussed and mutual decisions are made.

Good General Education

In basic subjects such as the local language Bemba, English, the Sciences, and Math, the students learn the fundamental competencies of reading, writing, and calculation. In Home Economics and Agriculture, they learn skills for their adult life. Besides Physical Education, the children can express their individual creativity in Art and Music.

Fostering Social Skills

The students learn responsibility by taking on a variety of tasks. Their sense of teamwork and cooperation is strengthened through group work in the classroom. Learning to be respectful towards nature is not only part of the lessons, but is also practiced during field trips into nature.



We want to see the community of Waya through the eyes of God and take our responsibility for the people seriously. As Life Trust we hope that our school in Waya becomes a “School of Hope” and that the children and their families grow in their relationship Jesus Christ. We pray that, in their community on the outskirts of Kabwe, they become a testimony for God’s work.