Thanks to a large donation sum from Germany, we launched “Project Jonathan” in 2010 in order to provide young people with mentoring, further care, and better future prospects beyond their school education (after grade nine).

Within the context of this project, we want to support and foster a limited number of promising graduates (incl. from Life Trust) with further training every year to allow them to gain good academic, professional, and spiritual and personal qualifications in order to become a positive influence in the professional world.

“Project Jonathan” is meant to make the ministry of Life Trust even more sustainable in its effects, especially through the influence of its graduates on their countrymen. As a side effect of this project we also hope to create a group of qualified workers for future staff positions at Life Trust. When choosing our candidates, we mainly turn our attention to the character of the students as we wish to support and foster individuals that show potential in terms of leadership and being an example for others. We are excited about the fact that a few of our candidates are already involved in Life Trust and that we already reap the fruit of their work.

Why Jonathan?

The name “Project Jonathan” was born after a family close to Life Trust suddenly and tragically lost their 20-year old son Jonathan in the year 2009. After his death, the parents felt very passionately about offering funds that were meant for their son as seed money for a new Life Trust project that would effectively support and foster young people.

Our Candidates

Five of the current 20 participants of “Project Jonathan” currently attend university, two are involved in the area of social work at Life Trust, and the remaining participants are attending grades 10 to 12. Before them came a number of young people who have already graduated from the program.

The participants are personally cared for and coached by Boniface, who is responsible for the project. In addition, a group of mentors regularly meets with the individual participants to hear about how they are doing. Both Boniface and our mentors as well as the participants, of course, ask for your prayers — so that they can be light and salt to the people and live their faith without fear. Thank you for your support!

Our Support

In practice, the support of “Project Jonathan” provides for the tuition for grades 10-12 as well as a portion of room and board during this time. Afterwards, the candidates may receive further support in terms of university tuition or financial help for professional training or an apprenticeship. For the entire duration of the support, we care for the candidates both practically and spiritually. The support of one Life Trust graduate costs about 720 Euros per year for tuition fees, room and board, training, and personal care. Part of the necessary finances comes from one-time donations. In addition, Life Trust offers the opportunity of sponsoring a “Project Jonathan” candidate through monthly donations.

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